Pre-order VentilatorPAL


Ordering 1 VentilatorPAL includes:

  • Including mechanical components, like: motor, bearings, axles, buts, bolts & housing
  • Embedded CPU with motor driver, LEDs and buttons
  • Possibility to control with app

The product you receive will be based on the design of this VentilatorPAL:

Not included:
- Balloon + Mask

We are looking to source the balloon and ventilation masks to offer a complete, ready-to-use solution.

In the disclaimer is explained that the pre-order price is based on our estimated assembled cost of goods of € 320 excl. VAT.

Please specify quantity



Approximate size (LxWxH): 250x200x110
Operating voltage: 18-24 Vdc
Power options:
Mains Power supply
Optional: Additional External battery -and- Internal emergency battery (not-included)
Human interface: Machine -and/or- mobile app


Additional information

Control, Machine:

Tidal Volume (TV), Inhale/Exhale ratio (I/E), Respiratory Rate (RR)

Control, Mobile app:

Tidal Volume (TV) ml/kg, Inhale/Exhale ratio (I/E), Respiratory Rate (RR), Automatic calculation of tidal
volume by Gender and length

Aux port I/O:

4x digital I/O, 2x Analog inputs

Future optional features:

Air pressure sensor, SPo2 sensor, O2 Inlet valve


We are currently in the final design & testing phase of our VentilatorPAL. As soon as we finish the design, we can source materials and components. At the beginning of the design phase, we projected an estimated assembled cost of goods of € 370.

In order to finance the start-up production costs of the first 1.000 VentilatorPALs, we need to receive 1.000 pre-paid orders or equivalent value in donations. As our projected cost price is € 370, we charge these costs for pre-orders. Please note that if the € 370 does not completely cover the costs to produce a single VentilatorPAL, an additional amount will be invoiced later. However, we expect that this will not necessary based on our current insights.

Expected delivery dates depend upon availability of components, but based on our current insights we expect end of April. However, we are working around the clock to shorten the delivery date as much as possible. We will show the manufacturing schedule online.