Public Authorities

Public authorities across the globe are scrambling to get access to sufficient numbers of ventilators for the very rapidly growing number of COVID-19 patients.

Most models on the market are technically complex, prohibitively expensive, and take a long time to manufacture. In addition, production is limited to a handful of commercial companies.

These obstacles lead to delays in the treatment of patients and can cause health care costs to spiral out of control.

With this in mind, VentilatorPAL Pro was designed to save lives, empower medical professionals, and lower the financial burden of governments.

VentilatorPAL Pro is a high-quality but low-cost ventilator that provides the basic respiratory functions needed by Corona patients experiencing severe symptoms.

VentilatorPAL Pro was built to the specifications of medical professionals and was designed to provide essential functionality. It is currently in the process of being tested and certified in the Netherlands and Spain.