Published: June 17, 2020

First devices shipped across the globe

We have designed, developed and made the design files of our VentilatorPAL available online. This allows people worldwide to replicate the VentilatorPAL for local use in order to save lives of people who are suffering due to the lack of mechanical ventilators as a result of the global COVID crisis. This basically meant that we succesfully finished the open-source VentilatorPAL project.

Due to certification requirements and a demand for certified machines, we have re-desgined and produced the VentilatorPAL into a medically certified variant, named the FRD-e.

The FRD-e has been successfully tested at the Twente University and Radboud University Medical Centre. We have produced a first small production badge of 35 pieces. Of these, devices have been sent to The Netherlands, Tanzania, Ghana, Guinnee, Brazil, Dubai, Romania and Malta, among others. This allows them to test and work with it.

Thanks to all our extremely generous donors, we were able to sponsor the shipments to third world countries.

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