Published: March 27, 2020

VentilatorPAL & introducing VentilatorPAL Pro

After releasing our website last Monday night, we are overwhelmed with requests and help offers. We are astonished about the impact our initiative has! We noted that the open source VentilatorPAL is especially interesting for African and Asian. However, many people contacting us from the Europe and the US, claim that we need to deliver a medically certified mechanical ventilator as they are not going to use this version. In our enthusiasm, we haven’t had any deep thoughts on this matter, as only two weeks ago we started this project and we just wanted to help and save lives by building mechanical ventilators.

As in the more developed countries there is also an acute lack of mechanical ventilators, we discussed this with NTS Group in Eindhoven. As they are ISO9001 and ISO13485 medically certified, they are able to re-design, develop and produce the VentilatorPAL according to medical standards. To reach our goal to save lives due to the lack of mechanical ventilators world wide, we decided to introduce a professional certified version, which is named the VentilatorPAL Pro.

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