VentilatorPAL Pro

The VentilatorPAL Pro is an initiative of It is a low-cost mechanical ventilator that was designed to meet the requirements of doctors at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. It gives doctors basic, but sufficient functionality and flexibility to treat patients when more fully-fledged and complex ventilators are not available.

VentilatorPAL Pro can mean the difference between life and death.

The VentilatorPAL Pro transforms a CPR-bag or manual resuscitator into a simple mechanical ventilator. You can set the Tidal Volume (TV), the Inhalation / Exhalation ratio (I/E), the Respiratory Rate (RR), and the Positive End-Expiratory Pressure (PEEP).

The ventilator can be controlled manually, or by using an Android app. The iPhone app is still under development.

The VentilatorPAL Pro is especially designed for hospital environments. It is made from industrial grade materials, and it is the durable, certified sister of the VentilatorPAL Open Source.
Hugo Touw Md PhD, intensivist at Radboudumc in the Netherlands explains the simple usage of the VentilatorPAL Pro.
VentilatorPAL Pro - perspectiveVentilatorPAL Pro - top


Dimensions (LxWxH): 250x200x110 mm 
Operating voltage: 18 - 24 Vdc
Current draw: 1000 mA (max)
Power: 20W (max)
Power Options:
  • Main power supply 24Vdc
  • and/or external battery (not included)
Environmental Conditions
Storage temperature: 10 - 70 °C 
Storage humidity: 10 - 90 %RH
Operating temperature: 0 - 35 °C 
Operating humidity: non condensing
Aux port I/O:
  • 4x digital I/O
  • 2x Analog inputs
Control, Machine:
  • Tidal Volume (TV)
  • Inhale/Exhale ratio (I/E)
  • Respiratory Rate (RR)
Control, Mobile app:
  • Tidal Volume (TV) ml/kg
  • Inhale/Exhale ratio (I/E)
  • Respiratory Rate (RR)
  • Automatic calculation of tidal volume by Gender and length
  • User Manual
Control, CPR-bag
  • Positive End-Expiratory Pressure (PEEP)
Future optional features:
  • Air pressure sensor
  • SPo2 sensor
  • O2 Inlet valve

Patient Management

Multiple Patient Management
Multiple patients within one hospital department can be easily & effectively managed with the VentilatorPAL app.

Having a single page of all devices being managed, allows for easy overview & control of all patients being treated.

The app is available free of cost and with lifetime support.
Single Patient Control
Besides machine control, we also offer an intuitive & easy-to-use VentilatorPAL app.

With the app, you can control: 
  • Machine Calibration
  • Machine Management
  • Tidal Volume (TV) - ml/kg
  • Tidal Volume (TV) - ml
  • Inhale / Exhale Ratio (I/E)
  • Respiratory Rate (RR)
  • Automatic calculation of Tidal Volume by gender and length.


The VentilatorPAL Pro has been developed for use in Intensive Care. The VentilatorPAL Pro meets all technical and medical requirements. The VentilatorPAL Pro can be used for the first 4-5 days after admission of the COVID-19 patient.

By letting us know your request for our ventilator, we will be able to give you an answer about the delivery time at short notice. We expect to be able to deliver from stock from May onwards.

Please do not wait to order the VentilatorPAL Pro. The sooner we have filled the demand for 1000 units, the sooner we can start production.
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